What is a Podcast?

The word podcast is a combination of two words which are pod and broadcast. The word pod refers to iPod devices and this means that pod is something portable. Broadcast on the other hand is the medium of radio. A podcast is an internet radio which is on demand and you listen to it on your PC and later downloaded onto a digital media device which includes iPod or other MP3 player.


So we can say that a podcast is a digital media file and one can download it directly from the internet source. Initially, podcasts were used as links to news feeds, as well as, other information sources. Podcasts are also used by an entrepreneur to advertise their company.


Today there are many ways of using podcasts and they include;


– Interviews with celebrities are today made into a podcast. This enables people to listen to them. If you have missed your favorite celebrity on radio or television, then you can still get it in the podcast


– It is used in business commercial and for instance, companies use advertisements on the podcast. It enables them to introduce market their business and inform their buyers what they’ve to offer. Podcasts enable companies to introduce the people who they work for.


– Many sports highlights podcasts exist out there and these have been helpful especially when you’re busy doing other things and yet your favorite teams are playing. With podcast, you will never miss anything about sports.


Websites with podcasts


Do you know that there are a lot of websites with podcasts? There are some websites which are more popular than others and some of them includes;


– Apple iTunes is the official and first website that podcasts were first launched

– Yahoo! Podcasts is another large website that hosts a new service

– Podcast.net is a directory of podcasts and found all over the internet


Listening to a podcast is something which is very easy and most people don’t know. If you want to listen to it, you simply search the track you want on the website of the author and then click the play button to stream.


One way of consuming audio content while on move is using podcast. You can use your desktop computer, Android device, tablet, iPhone, iPod, MP3 player, or any portable digital device can be used to listen to audios. You don’t have to worry anymore about podcasts because they are free. You can also purchase them from iTunes for less than a dollar.


The best time to listen to podcast is morning time and it even works better for any avid learners. While commuting is another great time to listen to audios. Daytime might be difficult because you can be distracted since you may be focusing on learning especially if you’re a leaner.


Benefits of listening to podcasts

Podcasts can shower you with tons of inspiration and even enable you to be more intelligent. Here are some of the great benefits of listening to podcast according to research:


– Enhance focus

– Improves listening skills

– Helps imagination to become more vibrant since one can picture the unfolded stories


Podcast empowers an individual and great for business since it makes ideas to be distributed easily all over the globe. If you are the one doing the podcast, it may be helpful to check our dry cough and hoarseness article. Podcasting also helps traditional industries which include entertainment, education and journalism and enables one to create and also distribute media and news. Podcast makes someone smarter and it is even used for learning and for personal growth.